Write-Up Hints

Writing up a project at undergraduate, masters or doctoral levels can be difficult.

Create then refine

Write quickly, and don't worry about accuracy at first. Get words on the paper and then edit judiciously. Identify what is important and ensure you have covered it.

Every chapter tells a story

Every story must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Introduce the chapter, explain what it is for and what it will cover. Conclude with a summary, placing key information into context before the next chapter.

Keep sentences short

It can be difficult to remain clear in what you write. Sophisticated words and sentences reduce comprehensibility, so they can cloud the important things. Short sentences with fewer concepts are easier to understand. Your reader can more easily associate what you say with what they already know when you use small chunks. Learn how to use the colon and semi-colon appropriately; your writing will benefit.

Stay Factual

Every sentence should be supported by fact. Opinion, hearsay, unconscious assumption, or anything they you're not sure about (because you haven't checked) have no place in your document.