My research, and therefore this page, is always a work in progress – I find new things I want to investigate on a daily basis, but here’s a few of the topics that I find particularly interesting:

  • The Web, the Semantic Web, and more generally Semantic Computing: using the technologies that are evolving through Semantic Web research to change the way we structure computer systems.
  • Distributed Systems, Grid Computing, Cluster Computing, and especially post-mortem analysis of faults, failures. Distributed architectures and approaches (Cloud, REST, Web Services, Jini [aka Apache River], Tuple Spaces).

I am also more generally interested in:

  • Internet systems architectures: including infrastructure & data design – especially how each affects the other, and how both affect scalability.
  • Programming: Java, ECMAScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby. Object Oriented, Functional
  • Systems for the deployment, management and maintenance of distributed web services.
  • Useful, accessible, and usable systems, with particular interest in achieving these through open standards (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, SVG)
  • Interoperability and Open Standards.

If you’re a student and would like me to supervise your undergrad or postgrad project, please email me to arrange an appointment.