Dr Rich Boakes using an Oculus Rift headset - image from http://pubhack.co.uk/
Dr Rich Boakes

About Me

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at University of Portsmouth, where I supervise postgraduate research, teach undergraduate courses, and I'm Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Web Technologies.

My academic and research interests involve questions like…

  • What problems can we solve today that we could not solve before?
  • What solutions can we improve upon?
  • What do we need to understand in order to do it well?
  • What new problems do we create as a result, and what opportunities arise?

I currently teach Web Research, Web Programming and Web Foundations 1. I also have also taught on Introduction to Programming, Software Engineering Team Project, and Web Authoring and Design units.

About These Pages

Students are the main audience of this site. Herein you'll find slides, notes and other resources from lectures, classes and talks - there's a link to these in the shortcuts menu.

If you need to meet with me outside scheduled teaching times, this might help…

Project Students

You should schedule a meeting here. When you arrive, I expect you to have an agenda (alt) - it's a meeting not a chat.

Personal Tutees
My office hours are 12-1 every Wednesday, or drop in as necessary.
Other Students
The best time to catch me is after a lecture. I always include time for questions and prefer you to ask with the group so everyone can benefit from the discussion.
Other Staff
Drop in for a brew.
Please contact the Secretary to the Head of School by email or telephone 023 9284 6412 for comment or to arrange interviews.


Dr Richard Boakes
School of Computing
University of Portsmouth
Buckingham Building 1.13
Lion Terrace
Portsmouth, UK
+44 23 9284 6420
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